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Nicki's Circle Boulder Ovarian Cancer Support Group

Rocky Mountain Cancer Center at 

Boulder Community Foothills Hospital

If you have been diagnosed with ovarian/gyn cancer and would like to connect with other women, share support and gain valuable information, please come. Caregivers are welcome. Nicki's Circle Boulder Ovarian Cancer Support Group meets at Tebo Family Medical Pavilion the campus of Boulder Community Foothills Hospital, on the fourth Monday of the month from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm. The group is held on the main floor in the Community Room. See attached flyer for details. Please feel free to bring your questions, hopes and fears. The group offers a safe and supportive atmosphere for gaining information, expressing your concerns, sharing emotions and broadening your perspective.

There is a short guided meditation before the group starts. Please come on in and join us whenever you arrive.

This group is sponsored by Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance (COCA) with support from Rocky Mountain Cancer Center - Boulder, and is facilitated by Katlyn Von Muenster, LPC NCC and Melanie Stachelski, MA. There is no charge.

Directions to Tebo Family Medical Pavilion - Boulder Community Foothills Hospital

Nicki's Circle Boulder

Map to Tebo Family Medical Pavilion at Boulder Community Foothills Hospital - 4715 Arapahoe Ave #100
Boulder, CO 80303  (720) 854-7000

Rocky Mountain Cancer Center is location in the Tebo Family Medical Pavilion at Boulder Community Foothills Hospital, located on the northwest corner of 48th St. and Arapahoe Avenue in Boulder. The front door faces the West parking lot. The Community Room is located on the first floor to the right.

If you have any trouble understanding these directions, please don't hesitate to call or email.

Katlyn Von Muenster, LPC NCC
Nicki's Circle Support Group Facilitator
Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance - COCA