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Benefits of Nicki's Circle

Welcome to Nicki’s Circle. We know that if you are joining our circle, you are dealing or have dealt with a diagnosis of gynecologic cancer. And we know that’s not easy. This group is here to support you in this challenging journey.

Our support groups offer a safe and caring environment for women dealing with gynecologic cancer and their caregivers too:

  • meet with others who are experiencing similar challenges

  • explore and share feelings about your situation

  • discuss problems and stress arising from the illness and treatment

  • learn about resources, treatment options and ways to manage side effects

  • share humor, meaning, and hope.

Each support group is led by a professional facilitator who invites everyone to talk about their own experiences and guides the discussion, sometimes presenting more structured information.

All information shared is to be respected and kept confidential. While talking with non-participants about your own experience at Nicki’s Circle, it is important not to disclose information about other group members.

It is important to remember that these are support groups, not psychotherapy groups. Support groups have been shown to be extremely helpful in improving quality of life and survivorship for those dealing with cancer. We want to offer this kind of help to as many women as we can. However, some issues are not appropriate to be dealt with in a group setting. For those facing such problems, we will attempt to refer them for appropriate assistance.

We offer open, ongoing groups, which accept new members at any time. We request that you register online and speak with us before attending your first group. A COCA Support Services Team Member will contact you directly to go over how the group works and to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Register here >>

We accept participants at any stage of the cancer experience: newly diagnosed, dealing with a recurrence, and long-term survivors. Attendance is completely voluntary. You are welcome to bring a caregiver or friend with you.

Our support groups are sponsored by the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance and are offered with no charge. We trust that voluntary contributions to COCA will continue to make these support groups possible. Thank you.

Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance
Jeanice Hansen, LCSW, OSW-C ~  Support Services Program Director
For questions, please contact:

Benefits of Peer Health Advice

Quotes from Nicki's Circle Participants

"Nicki's Circle helps me know I'm not alone in my battle."  M.

"Nicki's Circle has provided me with a community of women that truly understand the wide implications of having ovarian cancer. There is a palpable sense of empathy among members. I take comfort in sharing at the monthly meetings."  C.

It's a circle of information, knowledge, support, and fellowship."  R.

"We share the joy and divide the grief."  J.

"Nicki's Circle has helped me understand the disease better and keep updated as to the latest in treatments and management of side effects. Knowledge is power. If you don't need the meeting, maybe someone at the meeting needs you!"  W.

"I have appreciated so much the ability to have an exchange with other women going through the same thing. One's medical caregivers, family, and friends are very supportive, but there is nothing like sharing actual experiences."  E.

"Nicki's Circle is the place I go to for hope, laughs, intelligent information, and above all, unconditional support. Each woman is an amazing source of inspiration for me."  S.

"Nicki's Circle has been an emotional lifesaver for me!! Meeting with other vibrant, positive and enthusiastic women who are managing their ovarian cancer is the very best encouragement. By sharing experiences, laughter, and tears, we gain knowledge, strength, insight, and camaraderie."  MA.