Individual Support Program

We are available to talk by phone with you about the emotional challenges of being diagnosed, of going through treatment and adjusting to life after treatment. Contact us to set up a time to connect, or fill out our Consent to Contact form and we will follow up with you. Our “professional mentors” are master’s level counselors trained as part of our Individual Support Program (ISP).  The program offers four complementary 50-minute phone meetings, designed to assist you through the challenges of diagnosis and treatment. These topics are guidelines for the four phone meetings, however, we can talk about whatever questions or concerns you may have.

Topic 1: Getting to Know You

Our first meeting will be a chance to learn your story.... what symptoms you had before diagnosis, when and how you were diagnosed, where you go for surgery and treatment, who is on your medical team, who you consider your support system, what is your current level of distress and what questions you have unanswered at this point.

Topic 2: Problem Solving

We will discuss what challenges you are facing in your daily life due to the diagnosis, sort through them and figure out a workable plan for going forward.

Topic 3: Developing Compassion

We will discuss the importance of developing and holding compassion for yourself during the course of this challenge, as well as the ability to receive help and compassion from others. Family members and caregivers may also need help understanding and developing compassion for the situation.

Topic 4: Communicating with family & friends

A cancer diagnosis can put a strain on relationships. We will discuss ways to keep lines of communication open, and address difficult topics concerning the challenges of cancer

The objective of this program is to provide emotional assistance in the face of the stress and distress you may be experiencing from the challenge of diagnosis and treatment.

After the four meetings, we can refer you to other providers, or you may have the option of continuing with your “professional mentor” on an individual basis through private practice. Affordable counseling options and scholarships may be available.

To get started, contact Susan Hess, LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor and COCA Navigator, to arrange a meeting time or ask questions. Susan has 20 years of experience working with ovarian cancer survivors. We look forward to connecting with you.

To make an appointment, contact:
 Susan Hess, LPC